About Us

Dr. Vishal Joshi & Dr. Prerna Joshi

(Reiki Grand Master, Hypnosist, Life Coach, International Motivator)

We provide a nurturing, accepting and comfortable environment to all individuals as we believe it to be integral to the exploration of Self, Spirituality and Holistic health.

We offer compassionate support and guidance to empower the individual on their journey and help them attain their personal goals. We believe in the higher power and the higher wisdom of the universe which transcends religion or any other human philosophy.

We are inclusive and patient in our teaching style. We respect and promote individuality, by honoring everyone’s belief yet encouraging to learn from each other and stay open mind when discovering what the universe has to offer. We believe that a disease is a shadow of incorrect lifestyle, which arises out of sheer ignorance.

The body is neither fond of becoming diseased nor it is designed to fall sick. Keeping this belief in mind , We have organized training camps thereby carrying on with their Health Mission coupled with public awareness. We have also successfully treated & Cured Cancer and many other incurable diseases.